Monday, July 6, 2009

Shot for a Day: High-heel gal from The High-Heel Diaries.

We are so excited to be doing our first installment of "Shot for a Day". Each month we will interview a guest shot. This month is Philly's very own, High-heel gal from The High-Heel Diaries.

M.S.G: What made you decide to write a blog?

H.H.G: A good friend urged me to start a blog because my e-mails to him were often witty, bitter, and true all in one. He encouraged me to share my crazy stories, but at first, I was skeptical. Then He sent me a New York Times article of a woman who started blogging about relationships and eventually, became famous. That was that. I began my blog soon after, erased it after a month of writing, then missed it, brought it back, and decided to go "balls-out" with my stories, which has since proven to be the best idea I've ever had.

M.S.G: How do you find time to keep your blog so fresh and interesting, and work a full time job?

H.H.G: Believe it or not, interesting things are always happening to me or someone I know. Plus, I am able to look at situations in very clever ways in order to make it something I think my readers would enjoy. Also, my job oftentimes is the subject of some of my stories (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

M.S.G: What does an average Friday/Saturday night look for you?

H.H.G: Well, the average weekend has kind of changed for me, especially since Wing-gal moved. When I was single, we used to go out drinking/guy scanning until we closed bars down at 2 a.m. It was probably some of the best times I've ever had, but we all know that changes once you meet a guy. Now, while I still go out quite a bit, it's not a necessity since I already snagged myself a great man-catch. I've definitely become a little more low-key in the past few months, but in a way, it's refreshing. Searching for a guy to date every weekend got exhausting. And my liver is probably thankful too.

M.S.G: What are 3 top dating tips?

H.H.G: Oh, I have many dating tips, but if I had to narrow it to three they would be:
  1. Wear heels.

  2. Don't order a salad.

  3. Kiss him if it feels right, even if you "don't kiss on the first date." You aren't getting any younger, so playing by the "rules" just seems silly.

M.S.G: Can you really walk on the messed up N.Y.C sidewalks in high heels?

H.H.G: I can (and have) walked on the sidewalks of N.Y.C in heels. It makes me feel sexy.

M.S.G: Is honesty really the best policy?

H.H.G: Honesty is key, especially in relationships. If you can't be honest, then what can you be? The only time it's okay to be dishonest is if it's the first of second date and that Mexican food you ate didn't uh, sit well. Then it's okay to lie and say you have to go check-in on your dog who's been having non-stop seizures for the past week.

M.S.G: What makes you feel sexy?

H.H.G: High heels and skinny jeans make me feel like a hot piece of ass.

M.S.G: Who do you think is more relationship savvy, men or women? why?

H.H.G: I think the older we get, both men and women are relationship savvy. The more relationship "drama" you've been through, the more you know yourself: your wants, likes/dislikes, etc. In turn, I think this make people better at knowing what they need in a relationship.

M.S.G: What turns you on? looks, intelligence, witty, sarcasm?

H.H.G: Good looks is the first thing that turns me on. I know looks aren't everything, but they account for a lot. After that, personality is key. A guy who is witty, sarcastic, clever, and who can keep up with my sly remarks is super sexy. I also go for guys who are charming, but not in a cheesy way. If he tells me I look beautiful, and he is sincere, well then I'm putty in his hand.

M.S.G: Top 3 Don'ts for men on the first date.


  1. Don't talk about yourself the entire time.

  2. Don't wear too much cologne or anything that smells like something my dad would wear.

  3. Brush your teeth before the date. Bad breath is not sexy.

M.S.G: Top 3 Don'ts for women on the first date.


  1. Don't wear a dress/tank top/skirt without having shaved your legs/under arms. Maintenance ladies!

  2. Don't come unprepared: I always carry a few Pepto pills, just in case we eat something, that well, you know...

  3. Don't drink a lot...unless he is.

M.S.G: What was your worst date experience?

H.H.G: I met this seemingly hot guy and we had good conversation. I was attracted to him and things were going well. Then he told me he had to the National Rock/Paper/Scissors convention. I thought he was joking and started laughing and making jokes about it. Turns out, he was dead serious. Freaker. I have never been able to think of rock/paper/scissors as a kiddie pastime since.

M.S.G: We at "Five lipsticks (on your collar)" know how awesome your blog is, but for those few readers who have never read your blog let them know what they can expect from The High-Heel Diaries.

H.H.G: My blog is about me, relationships, trying to find a man, and basically, my numerous rants and raves about my life experiences. All wrapped up in with some sarcasm, of course!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Heels. I love her. Done and done!

SuzANNE said...

Great post! Time to interview the sassiest women the blogosphere has to offer!

down and out chic said...

is it cool to order a salad if it has a big steak on it? just saying.

High-heel gal said...

Thanks for publishing! And yes, "Down and out", salad with steak is acceptable. Men love women who love red meat. Or any meat actually ;)

Andhari said...

I loveee this, I pretty much live by the same rules in dating and living life. And man I love high heels. It's so true about we're not getting any younger so why don't we just do stuff that make us happy :)

Awesome interview!:)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Lovely blog too...


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